Saturday, May 11, 2013


11.5.2013 Sunny day

Woke up at 7.10am. That's early. Even though I wake up at around the timeframe on weekdays. Yea went to Subang, and Face Book cafe was my destination. Called one of my friend out to further discuss our so call "plan". Everything was getting worst and messy no thanks to both the organisers who failed to come with a firm decision (laugh guilty-ly ><).

My friend described today as an adventure journey full of unexpected obstacles. I agreed. And I feel so sorry. Hehe, bought a voucher with cheaper price but in fact spent more than that zzzz. Sunburn sunburn and sunburn+4 foreigners kept following us (perhaps we think too much but we must have awareness right?)

Then, we blamed these to the two bros who supposed to be the main character in the gathering tonight, when we found out that they had actually cancelled the plan and replaced by their programme. We was like: what the hell are we doing in the whole day? That's... I mean that's so sudden and I cannot accept it at that moment. Haha sorry as I'm emotional,yea pretty emotional ><. I'm not blaming anyone but myself. It seems like I have no mature thinking enough yet I thought I have it already lol sampat girl sampat thinking. We did this mistake due to improper communication mainly. Once again communication is vital and essential in our daily live. Opps, sounds like writing an essay in STP suddenly ><

Anyway, I hope that one day I will have the capability. I am not alone. I have you, you and you, friends :) It may influence my emotion as well today but not our friendship. Wink*