Monday, October 1, 2012

Will you still be there?

Whatsapp used to be my favourite application throughout my upper six moment..

I have my moments with you x)
We shared happiness..
We shared sadness..
We shared musics..
We shared videos..
We found similarities there..
We argued our opinions there..
We miss each other there..
Everything starts there... x)

Yet, i closed it temporarily for some reasons..
And this is the time you remind me that we are not suppose to continue what was happening..
Its my second time to hear such thing from you..
Hahas.. i know that
Yea.. i really know that..
Hahas.. x(

Its hurt to look back those histories in whatsapp..
Our precious moments together..
but will you still be there for me?
Will you online still just for me?
Will you send goodnight still everyday?
i hope you will, eventhough you wont.. zzzzz so stupiak...

Yea, will you still be there, for me?? x')