Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'm not an excellent girl for you,maybe.

Honestly, I do proud towards my academic result, although you may not think so.
I know my English is totally awful, as I couldn't even write an essay well.
I can communicate, but not as smooth as you in between our conversation.
Sorry but I'm not trying to show off or something,
it just, the only thing that i have and i can, to bring out myself.

I'm not a good girl.
I'm stubborn, when you ignored me.
I'm dissapointed, when you're not stick to your promise.
I'm angry, when I realized that you argue with me even if just a small matter.

What a lousy girlfriend.
A mentally sensitive, and stubborn girlfriend.
Ha, maybe this is your first time to get into relationship.
This is not an excuse mr.

I'm getting lost right now.
Am I still worth for you?
Am I still exist for you?
Can you guide me to the original way we stepped?
This is totally freak out!

Sorry but i have no confident in myself.. =')