Monday, October 1, 2012

Will you still be there?

Whatsapp used to be my favourite application throughout my upper six moment..

I have my moments with you x)
We shared happiness..
We shared sadness..
We shared musics..
We shared videos..
We found similarities there..
We argued our opinions there..
We miss each other there..
Everything starts there... x)

Yet, i closed it temporarily for some reasons..
And this is the time you remind me that we are not suppose to continue what was happening..
Its my second time to hear such thing from you..
Hahas.. i know that
Yea.. i really know that..
Hahas.. x(

Its hurt to look back those histories in whatsapp..
Our precious moments together..
but will you still be there for me?
Will you online still just for me?
Will you send goodnight still everyday?
i hope you will, eventhough you wont.. zzzzz so stupiak...

Yea, will you still be there, for me?? x')


phew.. just finish my trial exam for stpm..
Most of the people thought that stpm is toughest examination in Malaysia, probably.
And i give it a Yes, undoubtedly..
its tough x(
its tough x(
and, its tough x(
wondering how i can achieve my plan to get  a place in local U x(
sad.. no time for me, no life for me...
perhaps 2012 is not my lucky year..
everything get STUCK!!!!

hahas.. still need to face it with an indifferent smile x)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

heartbreak =')

Are you feel suffer along the relationship goes on???

Dear~ I dont want to accept your excuse ='(
Why you choose to go your own way and leave me now????

Am I not good?
Yea i know im not as excellent as u thought.
But, im willing to change now,
i gain lessons..
i should satisfy and thankful for your sacrifice..
but now you choose to leave me..
i really cannot accept ;'( 

dear~ i love u.. i do love u. i really love u..
but why??
u didnt love me anymore???
i not worth for u anymore?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'm not an excellent girl for you,maybe.

Honestly, I do proud towards my academic result, although you may not think so.
I know my English is totally awful, as I couldn't even write an essay well.
I can communicate, but not as smooth as you in between our conversation.
Sorry but I'm not trying to show off or something,
it just, the only thing that i have and i can, to bring out myself.

I'm not a good girl.
I'm stubborn, when you ignored me.
I'm dissapointed, when you're not stick to your promise.
I'm angry, when I realized that you argue with me even if just a small matter.

What a lousy girlfriend.
A mentally sensitive, and stubborn girlfriend.
Ha, maybe this is your first time to get into relationship.
This is not an excuse mr.

I'm getting lost right now.
Am I still worth for you?
Am I still exist for you?
Can you guide me to the original way we stepped?
This is totally freak out!

Sorry but i have no confident in myself.. =')