Thursday, April 28, 2011

It has been a long time that i didnt even step up to my bloggie~
Do you miss me? :)

I have no time.
This excuse has been used along this four months.
do anybody need a hug??
I feel so. And I need it~

Many incidents occur even ACCIDENTLY pass 2 week, included, i'm in love.

Yea, i'm in love. Is it weird??
it just happened suddenly??

ya, very unexpected.
But why??
Why just left me alone after that?
Why just.. break up?
Why is it alot of things come together?
I'm not a superwoman,
I'm not so strong.
I'm not a cold-blooded woman,
I couldn't be calmed every time..

I just cannot accept :'(

Yea.. u're right.
We're not suit both.
But if i say i'm willing to change our relationship back to friends..

I'm sorry.
I cannot make it right now.

You are a pass byer,
you are a part of my life now.
How could I just tear off a part of my heart without any tears any pain?

I'm in love.
i'm not in love.

just suddenly....